Monday, January 30, 2012

Craft Room organization

I have gotten so much done and found so much that I didn't even know I had. Have been sticking to my spending band except for the few things I bought for my organization.

Here is my new paper storage. It was perfect for the spot I had because it was behind the door and I wanted to be able to get into the closet without having to move things. It got my paper up off my desk and shelf and now I can see what I have at just a glance.

The system is the RackitFile and here is the link if your interested.

Next I worked on my clear stamps. I had shown earlier an idea I had for it and thought I would try it and so far I think I like it. I do have a lot of room left and am thinking I might use the rest of the room for my embellishments that will fit in the large pockets.

I wanted to share how I store my Cricut cartridges

Then there are my Cuttlebug Folders.
They were so mixed up and I had no clue what I even had and was surprised that when I finally went through them I only had one duplicate. I am half finished with making the folders for them but wanted to share these too.

I made this little cheat ring when I embossed the front of the file I stuck a 3x5 card in and but them on a ring so I can see at a glance what I have and know where it is. Next I am going to do my dies and the folders that match them.

One last thing.
This is where I store my punches. I bought the shoe holder at the Container store but I know you can buy them anywhere.

Happy Crafting.

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