Monday, February 13, 2012

Using your cartridges challenge

We are having a challenge over on Cricut Circle to use our carts. This weeks challenge was the Sophie Cart. I had not used it yet and my goal this year is to get some cards made ahead so that when I need one they won't be rushed.


Mindy said...

Love your card, Debbie and the idea of getting some cards done ahead is a great one... :) Sophie is one of my new favorite carts !

cdm317 said...


Melissa said...

Very pretty! I've been considering joining the Circle since my bday is coming up... Any advice? I've joined your blog and would love for you to join mine too!

Debbie Johnson said...

Thanks for the follow I am following you as well. The Circle is great but my recommendation is to try it for a quarter and see what you think. The new quarter just started in February and the new carts aren't out yet. Just remember that when you join the first quarter you don't get the cart everyone else gets you get the French Manor one.
They do put the carts on the rewards though so if you are interested you should be able to get one.

Pink Cricut said...

Such a pretty card! Love that cartridge!